DVX Pro Review

By: Tim Josen

DVX Pro is the new deer antler velvet extract available from XPI Supplements. With dozens of deer antler products available, XPI claims DVX Pro, available in pill or liquid form, stands above the competition.

I took an in-depth look at the ingredients, dosage, and manufacturer to determine if DVX Pro really does offer more than other products.

What’s Inside?

There is only one ingredient in DVX Pro: deer antler velvet. Because it is offered in both liquid and capsule form, there are different dosages depending on your choice. The liquid contains 200 mg of deer antler velvet, and the capsule contains 1500 mg.

Liquids typically have a lower dose than capsules or powders, so the difference here doesn’t surprise me. However, the large capsule dose, 1500 mg, is shocking. Most deer antler supplements require two doses per day to reach 1500 mg, and DVX Pro does it in one.

Deer Antler Velvet

This ingredient is harvested from the soft outer layer of growing deer antlers, the part that looks like velvet, hence the name. It’s become popular as a muscle-growth enhancer because it contains high amount of IGF-1, a naturally-occurring protein. There are several clinically studies that verify the effectiveness of this compound.

Researchers examined muscle growth in men in a placebo-controlled study. They looked at tissue regeneration, VO2 max, and endurance. There were no increases in VO2 max or testosterone levels, but both strength and endurance improved significantly. [1]

Another study examined IGF-1’s effect on hormone levels. They found that IGF-1 has many of the same effects as growth hormone. It improves muscle growth, strength, and athletic performance without adverse side effects or reactions. [2]

There is also evidence to suggest that IGF-1 benefits bone health, improving density and regeneration. This may seem less important, but bone strength is very important for vigorous exercise and overall health. [3]

Who Makes It?

DVX Pro is manufactured by XPI Supplements. This company has been around for several years and is known for their muscle-building line, which includes products like Myotein, Syntheroid, and MyoSwell.

XPI Supplements is well-reviewed, with 27,000 Facebook followers, and has a strong reputation for customer support. Their site is McAfee secured, and all products are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, even if the product has been used.

In addition to the guarantee, the majority of XPI Supplement products ship free, so your costs remain low.

I’m impressed by the honest, open policies of XPI Supplements and their comprehensive refund policy. I would feel no hesitation in purchasing from them.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects associated with deer antler velvet. Naturally, any ingredient can be dangerous if taken in large quantities, but you would have to consume a ridiculously large amount of DVX Pro to experience adverse effects.

While there are no common reported side effects, if you are taking any kind of medication or hormone therapy, check with your doctor before taking any deer antler velvet supplement.

Pick It or Pitch It?

I really like DVX Pro. It has an extremely high amount of deer antler velvet, which makes dosage much easier. While it seems slightly more expensive than other option, the price per dose is actually lower.

There are no filler ingredients or proprietary blend, and XPI Supplement is a rock-solid brand. You can even return any product if you don’t like it.

DVX Pro is easily the best deer antler velvet supplement I’ve reviewed. I highly recommend it.

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