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DVS Liquiform Review

By: Tim Josen

DVS Liquiform is a deer antler extract supplement in liquid form, which is a plus for those who aren’t keen on taking several pills and capsules.

DVS Liquiform’s ingredient profile is transparent and simple. It contains 1 ingredient: deer antler extract.

I looked closer at DVS Liquiform to see if it is effective.

Deer Antler Extract

DVS Liquiform provides 250 mg deer antler extract per serving. Deer antler velvet is found on developing deer antlers, and it is studied for its ability to enhance workout performance.

In one study, test subjects were given a placebo or a deer antler extract twice a day while undergoing performance tests measuring maximal aerobic capacity, maximum power output, and 1-rep maximum on the bench press and squat.

Researchers noted both groups’ 1-rep maximum increased and both groups experienced a reduction in average and peak power post-intervention period; however, the deer antler velvet group’s reduction was less significant than the placebo group. [1]

Another study analyzed deer antler velvet extract’s effects on maximal aerobic performance and muscular strength and endurance. Test subjects underwent performance tests before and after 10 weeks of strength training and supplementation with deer antler velvet extract or a placebo.

Both groups experienced improvements in 6 rep-max strength, but researchers note “there was a greater increase in isokinetic knee extensor strength… in the powder compared to placebo group.” [2]

Is DVS Liquiform Safe?

The manufacturer website doesn’t mention any specific side effects associated with DVS Liquiform.

What Is the Best Way to Take DVS Liquiform?

One benefit of DVS Liquiform is it may be taken with pre-workout and protein supplements.

Ingredient instructions indicate users should take 2-3 servings per day. Each serving consists of 30 drops. We recommend starting with a small dose to assess tolerance. Once tolerance is assessed, increase to the recommended dosage.

Is DVS Liquiform Expensive?

One bottle of DVS Liquiform retails for around $24.95 and provides 60 servings.

This serving-to-price ratio is average, if not a little better than competing supplements like Royal Velvet, which provides 60 servings but retails for $65.00 per bottle.

Additionally, the manufacturer website lists an option to buy 3 DVS Liquiform bottles for $64.95, which is something to look at if you plan on supplementing with deer antler extract for an extended time period.

Final Thoughts on DVS Liquiform

DVS Liquiform’s consumer friendly ingredient label is attractive. No filler ingredients or proprietary blends are used. Consumers know exactly how much deer antler extract they get per serving.
The research surrounding the main ingredient is promising, and the price per bottle is competitive.

If you decide to try DVS Liquiform, let us know about your experience in the comment section below!

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