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MHP Secretagogue-One Review

By: Tim Josen

MHP advertises Secretagogue-One as the perfect tool for improving physical performance, speeding recovery, and enhancing cardiac output.

According to the official site, Secretagogue-One features human growth factors and IGF-1 precursors to address “issues of vital importance for health, wellness, and physical performance.”

Yet is MHP Secretagogue-One a good choice for athletes? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out.

Key Ingredients

The first step to determining a good product is to analyze ingredients. Here’s a few of MHP Secretagogue-One’ primary components.

Glycine. An amino acid used in protein production and chemical transmissions in the brain. Some researchers study glycine for its potential to prevent certain types of cancer, but most athletes use glycine to protect skeletal muscle. Studies show glycine preserves muscle function and energy stores. [1][2]

Glutamine. This amino acid counters the negative effects of certain medical treatments by boosting the immune system and protecting the digestive system from radiochemotherapy. According to WebMD experts, glutamine provides fuel (nitrogen and carbon) to many different cells in the body, and is necessary to repair wounds and maintain muscle. [3]

Tyrosine. A basic building block for protein, and it is involved in the production of chemical messengers that keep the brain alert. Recent studies show tyrosine counteracts the negative effects of extended wakefulness[4], making it a useful tool for maintaining energy levels during a workout.

Arginine. Converted into nitric oxide, a chemical which dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow. Researchers found supplemental arginine taken regularly increases exercise capacity.[5]

GABA. Popularly used to relieve anxiety and improve mood. Many use GABA to promote lean muscle growth, burn fat, and stabilize blood pressure as well. According to studies, GABA causes significant elevation in growth hormone levels. [6]

Should You Worry About Side Effects?

MHP Secretagogue-One utilizes all-natural ingredients backed by research, so it’s fairly safe to use.

However, it does have a few ingredients known to affect blood pressure. If you are taking blood pressure medication, be sure to ask your doctor before using MHP Secretagogue-One.

Available Flavors

MHP Secretagogue-One is available in two flavors on the official website: Lemon Ice and Orange. According to users on, both flavors are excellent.

“Well I can say it taste awesome. I look forward to having me a glass every night before bed.” – Audiemilner

“Very good taste. Easy to mix.” – BWLEHRER

“This stuff tastes great.” – Todd5789

Purchasing Options

MHP Secretagogue-One is a popular product and is widely available through online stores. Here’s a few of the best prices I could find. $37.99 $38.99
• $40.98
• $42.93

Buy or Deny?

While the retail price is a little high, you can find Secretagogue-One for half the price of other HGH-releasing supplements when you purchase through third-party retailers.

MHP Secretagogue-One comes highly recommended by users – many noticed improved sleep patterns and recovery while using the product. If it worked for them, it may work for you.

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