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NOW IGF-1 Review

By: Tim Josen

Marketed to speed workout and injury recovery time and improve muscle build, NOW IGF-1 looks tempting.

With only a few ingredients, this supplement supposedly helps users build muscle in a hurry.

But does it work and is it safe? I dug a little deeper, and here is what I found.

Ingredient Formula

NOW IGF-1 offers a few ingredients. Here’s my research on those ingredients.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract (1.1 mg). Deer antler velvet is used to increase testosterone and improve strength and endurance. It is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. [1]

Deer antler velvet is a powerful ingredient that is banned by some professional organizations, including the NFL. While this ingredient is popular and many bodybuilders and athletes laud its effectiveness, there are very few studies to prove it has any effect. [1]

One 2003 study showed deer antler velvet improves knee strength and endurance, but the findings were declared insignificant. [2]

IGF-1 (27.5 mg). IGF-1 is insulin-like growth factor-1. This is a hormone that acts similar to human growth hormone. It builds muscles and improves tendon and muscle injury recovery time. Because IGF-1 works similarly to HGH, it is also banned in professional sports. [3]

IGF-1 seems to work, though there are few human studies to show it promotes muscle growth. However, animal studies show IGF-1 is effective. In some studies, animals injected with IGF-1 see quick muscle growth and faster healing of injured tendons [3]

Stevia (1.6 mg). Stevia is an all-natural sweetener plant extract that is healthier than sugar or most artificial sweeteners. It is a zero calorie sweetener and is used across the world. [4]

How to Use NOW IGF-1

NOW IGF-1 spray is easy to use. Shake the bottle, and spray 2 times in your mouth. Hold it for a few seconds, and then swallow.

This spray can be used two to three times per day.

What Users Think

While NOW-IGF-1’s ingredients may be banned for professional athletes, nothing stops the rest of us from using it. Here are a few reviews from real customers from

“Added 15 pounds to my bench already and have set multiple personal records the last couple weeks.” –crottinger

“In the first 2 to 3 weeks . . . I noticed a tremendous change. My strength was increased. I went from a 405 squat to a 435 . . . great toning effect.” –plastered70

“It seems to cut down recovery time for me.” –lowblowjoe

“It helped me recover a partially torn MCL and the effects and recovery time from working out were awesome!” –nolancorbitt

“I’ve tried other IGF sprays and this one is a complete joke. Straight up flavored water.”

“I don’t feel more energized or any stronger while lifting at the gym. I don’t feel less sore after track workouts. I followed directions on the label to a tee and can honestly say the spray provided no added benefit(s) for me.” –coreylvaughn

As you can see, NOW IGF-1 spray seems to be hit or miss. Most users seem to love it or hate it.

What You Will Pay

All supplements that contain insulin-like growth factor and deer antler extract are pricey. NOW IGF-1 is more affordable than other brands, however. Each bottle is one ounce. Here are the best prices I found online:

• $16.99
• $19.99
• $25.44
• $16.79

Should You Try NOW IGF-1?

If you want to try a deer antler and IGF spray, this one might be a good option. It is much more affordable than similar supplements and it has some very positive reviews.

However, if you play professional sports, check to see if this supplement’s ingredients are legal for your use.

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NOW IGF-1 User Reviews

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  1. using the now IGF-1 now

    I am a female and I just read that it increases testosterone levels….I am 44 and probably could use estrogen. my worry is I dont want to increase male hormones in my this product ok for females to take. or is it just for men? would like to know i bought 2 bottles…..would be a waste of money if i cant or should not be taking it being a female……thanks

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    Kori A
    October 8, 2017 11:31 pm
  2. forgot to say......

    I forgot to add that I am using the Now sports brand IGF-1 plus liposomal spray…as directed on the bottle……thanks.

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    Kori A
    October 8, 2017 11:36 pm

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